Works on paper at IFAC Athina, January 2017

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Group Show at Interstate Brooklyn

Here’s a link to a group show I’m in at Interstate Projects, curated by Bryce Grates

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Group Show at Ms Barbers

Here’s a group show I’m in. Opening Saturday, July 9 in Los Angeles.

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Feature about me at The Creators Project

Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 4.26.16 PM

Read full interview here

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Grandpa’s Secret Stash at Shoot the Lobster

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New stuff/Instagram


I’ve been putting my recent 2d work on my instagram. Better quality photos will eventually appear here.

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Parisian Chimera


Photos from the Truth and Consequences Booth at the Paris Internationale Fair, Oct. 2015.


Parisian Chimera, 2015
mixed media
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Stinky Magic: the Video

stinky magic from charles irvin on Vimeo.

A Video from my 2015 exhibit at Truth and Consequences, Geneva, Stinky Magic

I’ve been putting my new work¬†on Vimeo, but there’s lots of older videos on my Youtube channel


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Breeze Brothers Part 1 -Deep Forest

Breeze Brothers Part 1- Deep Forest from charles irvin on Vimeo.

First of a series of collaborations between Michael Decker, Sean Brian Mcdonald and I. More to come soon!

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