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Stinky Magic: the Video

stinky magic from charles irvin on Vimeo.

A Video from my 2015 exhibit at Truth and Consequences, Geneva, Stinky Magic

I’ve been putting my new work on Vimeo, but there’s lots of older videos on my Youtube channel


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Breeze Brothers Part 1 -Deep Forest

Breeze Brothers Part 1- Deep Forest from charles irvin on Vimeo.

First of a series of collaborations between Michael Decker, Sean Brian Mcdonald and I. More to come soon!

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Remote Fetal Healing

Remote Fetal Healing: New Art by Charles Irvin
June 14th-July 20th, 2013. opening Reception June 14th, 7-10pm.
alley behind 1212 Palms Blvd
Venice, CA 90291
Saturday 12- 4pm or by appointment
Video music by Rich Bott
Editing by Rich Bott and Charles Irvin

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Fantasy Sandwich at the Venice Beach Biennial 2012

Footage from my performance at the Venice Beach Biennial, July 2012.
Fantasy Sandwich played by Javier Baeza Martin
costume fabricated by Salvatore Salamone
video editing help from Richard Bott
everything else by me!

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Membrane Lane

The experimental documentary Membrane Lane reveals how the False Memory Syndrome Foundation formed as part of a backlash against the progressive movements of the 1960’s and 70’s. Blind acceptance by many of the mythology of False Memory Syndrome grossly underscores America’s culture of denial, fueled by a dangerous fiction that it is exceptional among nations. 
This belief of American exceptionalism keeps us from acknowledging and confronting the destructive aspects of our culture and society, whether it’s our excessive consumption, denial of our racist and violent history or social problems like child abuse.
On another level, Membrane Lane is about staring into the abyss for too long, or losing oneself in the fight against perceived injustice.

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